Super Mario GalaxyWell, no game last weekend, so no RPG post this week.

Instead, Ive decided to comment on a couple of video games I got at christmas time, and have been playing since.

Now, first up, we’ve got a game that most of you will have heard of, and will have heard way too much about already. Super Mario Galaxy.

Well, let me first confirm the greatness of the game. I was a huge fan of Mario 64 (it being one of the few games I’ve ever finished completely, and I even did it twice), and this was a spectacular followup.

You can beat the game with 60 stars (though I was already at 80 or so by the time it let me try), and there are 120 stars total. I currently have 121, and the game is still going.

“But Graham,” you say, “how can this be? 121 is more than 120, the maximum amount of stars, by your own admission! You’re a filthy liar and a cheat!”

No! Well, maybe. I am a GM after all.

But in this case, once you beat the game, collect 120 stars, and then beat the game again (the last 20-ish stars aren’t available until you beat it once), you get to play the entire game over, as Luigi this time.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll beat the game with Luigi. He’s annoying to control sometimes, and I just barely got the 120 stars the first time (one of the last stars was being really really annoying), but I find myself intrigued by what might lie behind the second 120 stars. so we’ll see.

In any case, I have a different way to play a very fun game waiting for me at home, if I so choose.

Which brings me to the second game.

While buying Mario, I came across a game that (with no prior knowledge of it) I could not pass up. It was $20, and it had the single greatest name in the world. This game was…

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