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Decemberween Presents!

Gargantuan Blue and Black Dragons and Stickers - SmallWhat do you mean I didn’t post what I said I would? You’re just blind. They’re there, I swear… geez, what do I need to do to get a distraction around here.

Well, non-specific politically-correct seasonal holiday has passed. I hope everyone had fun.

I got a great geeky gift from my fiancee, as shown to the right. (Click the image for big-ass version.)

Yep, those are the Gargantuan Blue and Black Dragons from D&D minis. And the stickers are from one of our favourite webcomics (and one of the most geeky webcomics I know of), XKCD. They say “Actual Size”, and are meant for sticking on anything from 8-inch concert fliers with the band’s picture, to 30-foot tall inflatable coke cans, to airline ads at the bus stop with 3-foot 747’s on them.

One is on the black dragon already. I’m going to have fun with these. :D

Normal posts should follow soon, including campaign prep and my rumoured post on investigations.

Throwing/Returning – a Variant

Thunderthrower PrCImage Credit: Green Ronin’s Hammer and Helm.

One of the more fun and flavourful enchantments for a weapon in D&D is the ability to take a normal weapon and make it a throwing weapon. Battleaxes, Longswords, hell even Greatswords. There is little scarier than a huge piece of metal flying at you.

But while it’s fun, it’s ultimately not that useful, and doesn’t increase the effectiveness of a weapon by a whole lot. It doesn’t alleviate the need for a bow, as the range on Throwing weapons sucks. Usually, it just means you don’t need to reach for a dagger to hit a flying enemy.

Add to that the fact that the Throwing property is almost never used on its own, and we have ourselves a small set of rules that need a rewrite.

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Killer, Cyborg Ogre Ninja

Ogre Ninja - minivault.comHoly crap! I’m actually posting things!

That’s right, exams are finished for the semester, so expect a few posts from me this week.

This one is going to be very crunch-oriented, and mostly to prove a point. But watch later this week for something on adventure design, and adventure prep as I get ready for my group’s next game.

Okay, so over on ChattyDM‘s message board, the “complaints” section is staffed by a Cyborg Ogre Ninja named Killer. Of course, this resulted in people statting him up, including Phil himself.

So what point am I trying to prove? Simple.

I can make a better Cyborg Ogre Ninja than him.

Or, more accurately, d20 Modern can make a better Cyborg Ogre Ninja than D&D.

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Away in a Dungeon…

Well, I’ve been kept busy these past few days, what with the semester ending and finals coming up. Expect more from us in the future, once things settle down.

Though I did manage to get one big thing accomplished this weekend. Our christmas decorations are up. And they are slightly geeky.

For instance, this is our wreath:

GeekWreath - small

Yes, those shiny bits are what you think they are. Click the image for a larger view, if it’s difficult to tell.

But we aren’t the only ones geeking out at politically-correct-generic-holiday time. Behold, from For Tax Reasons, unrelenting christmas nerdery!