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New Box!

Box!So, with Christine/Nox being diabetic, we tend to rack up the bonus points at the pharmacy (Shopper’s Drug Mart).  We were at the point where we could cash them in for up to $150 on a purchase.  But there was one problem.

We live in Canada.

How is this a problem?  Well, really, it isn’t.  But with our subsidised prescriptions it makes it much harder to spend $150+ at a pharmacy in one go.

It was then that a friend (who plays Ristan in our games) reminded us that Shopper’s Drug Mart has a photofinishing department.  See, on top of selling film and printing pictures, they sell digital cameras.

Our digicam is average, but we figured why not get a new one?  It’s $150 off, after all.

So we left last Thursday, to get a new camera and go out for some dinner.  After perusing the offerings, we decide on a shiny new 8 megapixel unit, a Kodak V803.

The lady takes the box out from under the counter.  It has a small tag on it saying “demo March 3rd”.  We ask about it, and she tells us that it just means it was on demo that day, and that there shouldn’t be any problems because of that.  If there is an issue, we can always exchange it.

Satisfied, we pay (New camera for $40!  Woot!) and go have dinner.

Upon arriving home, I begin going over our new toy, taking all the parts out and checking over the manual.  (Mostly to see if we need the AC adapter to charge, or if we can do so through USB.  AC it is.  Apparently cameras haven’t advanced to the point of MP3 players yet.)

As I’m going through the manual, I discover something interesting I want to try out, and reach for the camera.

…which isn’t there.

No camera came in the box.

And more than that, I had emptied the box without realising that there was no camera in it.

In any case, it suddenly became clear that we were the proud new owners of a $180 box.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice box.  A testament to the craftsmanship of the Kodak box factory.  But is it worth $180?  Well, that’s debatable.

Y’see, it seems that “demo” didn’t mean that it was a demo.  It meant that it IS the demo.  So, everything gets packed back into our new expensive box, and we head out to the store again.

After a laugh with the salespeople, we get our new camera (along with the 5 or 6 pictures people have taken with it while it was on demo!  Yay!) and go home.

We now have what we came for.  A $180 box, plus free bonus camera.

Pathfinder 7 – Garycon ’08

Holy crap.  It’s been way too long since the last post.  Stupid university projects and their… stupidness… yeah…

In any case, Garycon ’08 was last weekend.

Characters present:

  • Nox, Changeling Swordsage
  • Reza, Dwarf Cleric
  • Thorbar, Dwarf Barbarian
  • Ristan, Half-Elf Bard

Missing: Nonnie, Halfling Sorcerer.

We played a regular-length session.  Somehow, though, it felt like we just didn’t get as much done as normal.  And some of the things we did get done just didn’t feel as substantial.

In any case, as the game starts,
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Pathfinder 6 – Of death and helmets

Spellwarped EttinWell, last weekend was the final session of Burnt Offerings, book 1 in Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords series. This wasn’t a long session, but it was still satisfying.

Present this week:

  • Nox, Changeling Swordsage
  • Nonnie, Halfling Sorcerer
  • Reza, Dwarven Cleric
  • Thorbar, Dwarven Barbarian

Missing was Ristan the Bard. His player works shifts. As such, she will be unable to attend every week for the whole game. We start around 2 pm, and usually go until around 7 or 8 pm. She will usually join us around 5 or 6 pm on her work days, it seems.

In any case, we started off right where we left off, lost hit points and all. We went south.

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So long, and thanks for all the weird fish-monsters

Squark!  HeadInjuryTheatre!Bunyip, Squark, Sea Lion and so many more.

Gary Gygax, (co-)creator of D&D, is dead at 69.

I would have noted this yesterday, but my internet decided to die alongside him. Seriously, I got the post from Critical-Hits on my RSS feed, clicked it, and wasn’t able get to it.

The local gaming store, today, has a small memorial set up. They are also a wine- and beer-making store, and are brewing a special batch of beer, entitled Mordenkainen’s Under-Dark Lager (or something to that effect).

You will be missed.

“The Gygax is dead! Long live the Xagyg!”

Pathfinder 5 – Newbs ahoy!

I has newbShort adventure this week. Two friends express interest in joining us, however, so we invited them to do so. Due to this, we spent a fair while finalising characters (and leveling up from 3 to 5) before we played. Thus, I give you this week’s roster.

  • Nox, NG female Changeling Swordsage
  • Nonnie, CE male Halfling Sorcerer
  • Reza, CG female Dwarven Cleric

and introducing

  • Thorbar, CN male Dwarven Barbarian
  • Ristan, CN male Half-Elf Bard (player female)

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