Pathfinder 12 – Fort of Ogre Decapitation

Well, these reports are still one session behind, since I’ve been getting used to a different work schedule this week. I plan on getting them current again asap.

In any case, we left out group as they were investigating the barn belonging to the inbred ogrekin. With this, they have gotten past the worst of the disturbingness, as far as I can tell, but the rest of the adventure is also quite good, so on we go.

The adventure continued on Star Wars Day. Present this session:

  • Nox, Changeling Swordsage
  • Reza, Dwarf Cleric
  • Thorbar, Dwarf Barbarian
  • Ristan, Half-Elf Bard
  • and introducing Eretri, female Aasimar Warlock (male player, ran Ristan last game)

Nonnie was missing due to vehicle issues.

Anyways, the barn consisted of two rooms, the first of which had three drunk (passed out) ogrekin. The second contained a cage. In the cage were three unconscious humans.

Shalelu, the ranger NPC with the party, runs up to the eldest human, heals him, hugs him, and slaps him across the face. Hard.

After some healing and roleplaying, it turns out that this is Jakardros, Shalelu’s stepdad, who ran away after her mom died. The bear is also his animal companion. All three humans are Black Arrow rangers from Fort Rannick. Yay coincidence! (There are also a tall, dark-skinned man named Vale, and a thinner ex-thief named Kaven.)

From their account of the situation, the party learns that ogres have taken Fort Rannick. When one of the party mentions retaking the fort, they are very willing to help out.

With the rangers’ help, the party comes up with a plan to weaken the ogre forces before infiltrating the fort. A set of caves joins up with the basement of the fort, and a group of Shocker Lizards live in them. How can we use this?

Why, smoke them out and drive them into the fort, of course!

After weakening the ogres with an infestation of the lizards, they used the chaos to mount an assault.

From here, there was a lot of slaughtering of ogres, including a group of 12 that were destroyed thanks to the Nox using one of her patented “make things explode in fire” moves to torch them and the building they were in.

Eventually, the group made it up to a battle with an ogre sorceress and her bodyguard… and we stopped for the week, ready to roll for initiative.

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