Pathfinder 14, part 2 – We finally bought a boat!

Yep.  This session was 8 hours long, and finished off Book 3 (and thus half of the adventure path), and the fact we got a boat is my title highlight.  Damn straight!

So, with the town saved and the floodgates opened, the party set about rebuilding their newfound fort.  Within a couple days, they had a visitor.

A tiny, high-pitched visitor.

Zipping into the fort came a tiny winged man.  A hyperactive, worried pixie.

Named Yap.

He was worried about his mistress, who has fallen into some deep depression since her lover disappeared.  He came to the PCs because they were friends with the lover.

The party, however, has no idea what he’s talking about.

…until they ask what kind of creature this mistress is.

You see, I failed to mention it in the writeup, but after they liberated the fort, they also found a locket with a lock of Nymph hair, as well as several love letters between this nymph and captain of Fort Rannick, Lamatar.

So Yap wants to take the group to his mistress.  But they need a boat, to travel into the swamp where she lives.

Reza is ecstatic.  Sure, it’s just a rowboat, but still!  She’s wanted a boat since the goblin fort in Book 1.

So with 4 in the boat, Eretri flying along, and Nonnie levitate-water-skiing behind them, we row south.  The river turns into a creepy swamp, with ghostly apparitions appearing, and an intact derelict ship, somehow located hundreds of miles from the ocean.

The swamp eventually gets too shallow to row, and shallow enough to wade.  After slogging through a while longer, they come to a clearing.  A calm pool of water.

Yap refuses to enter, but the group steps in.  They are soon greeted by a ghostly form rising from the water.  The ghastly insubstantial form of a nymph, arms town from her body, yet hanging at her sides.  Her now-corrupted beauty renders Nox blind, as the party talks to the ghost.

The ghost of Myriana is not interested in fighting.  All she wants is a piece of her lover returned to her, so she can get a chance to return him to life, and then rest peacefully.

The quest accepted, the PCs begin the trek up Hook Mountain to the cave/clanhold of the Kreeg ogres.  There are ogres, of course, which die.  There is also a life-size statue of a gargantuan giant, wearing a medallion with the 7-pointed star symbol that they keep seeing.  Upon removing the medallion, the “statue” crumbles to dust.  As it turns out, it was actually the giant’s body, preserved indefinitely by the amulet.

Within the caves, they come across a small covey of Annis hags.  These are surprisingly tough, but the more interesting part is the Wight they have with them.  Yep, it’s our dear Captain Lamatar.  After the battle, they shove his entire body into Nonnie’s bag of holding, to return to Myriana.

Finally, the group comes to two stone giants, one of whom seems to have been leading the recent ogre troubles.

The fight that follows is tough, but pretty straightforward.  The slower movement of Dwarves ended up bothering Reza a bit.  And Thorbar learned an important lesson.

Me: “So, the leader swings his Earthbreater at you… natural 20… crit…”

Thorbar: “Pfft.  I can take it.”

Me: “…80 damage.”

Thorbar: “…ouch…”

That one hit dropped him by over half his hit points, but it could have been worse.

For instance, I could have remembered how power attack works on a critical.

You see, the enemy was swinging at not-quite-full power attack, for something like a 3d6+13+20 hit, with the +20 from Power Attack.  He critted, which did ((3d6+13)x3)+20.

But that’s not how Power Attack works.

See, properly, that should have been (3d6+13+20)x3, or around 120 damage with the same rolls.

Gah!  I think we might house rule that.  We’ll discuss it next game.

In any case, we finish up, and head back down to Myriana.  She reincarnates Lamatar, and fades from life.  Lamatar, upon hearing what happened, dedicates himself to the protection of the area, and the swamp begins, almost immediately, to brighten.

The party head home to Fort Prefect, Shalelu the ranger NPC returns to Sandpoint for the winter, and Book 3 comes to a close.


reza  on May 29th, 2008

“The slower movement of Dwarves ended up bothering Reza a bit.\”
I dont remember this part….but i\’m tired so my memory sucks.
I did get to enjoy my warhorse though.

Graham  on May 29th, 2008

That would be when you finally got up to the boss giant, cast your Divine Power, and then someone else killed him.

I think you got one hit in on him, but I’m not sure.

Christine aka Nox etc...  on May 29th, 2008

Yeah, that’s about right.

Also note that I asked for my sight back when we agreed to the quest, so I’m not blind now.

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