So… Notice anything new?

changeDamned straight!  I finally got the new site design finished and up!  I listened to the feedback you gave us, too.

The navigation is primarily the same, but you’ll notice some changes.  For instance, the gravatar of the post author is at the top left, beside the date.  Just below is the author name and the number of comments, followed by category links.  This all used to be (inconveniently) at the bottom of the post.  Now you can tell who wrote the post right away.

How does everyone like the new header?

That’s right, a Critical Ankle Bite is a melee basic attack.  Speaking of which, I have yet to relate that story here.  Odd, considering the site is named after the event.  I should also credit Josh/Daelkyr over at EN World with originally creating the 4e icon font used in the header.

I know some of you may be missing is the Wiggum quotes.  But have no fear, for I did not leave you lacking in this area.  Just hover over the title image (or Gah the gully dwarf in the top left) for the random Wiggum quote.

I may replace these with something else, however.  Lately, around the game table, we’ve been keeping a list of “things that have made Nonnie/Alabaster’s player giggle”…

So yeah.  Change: Scary and confusing.  But also awesome.

I hope you agree.

Comments are welcome. 😀


Geek's Dream Girl  on January 12th, 2009

Nice new duds, sir! :love:

Dave T. Game  on January 12th, 2009

A website fitting for both the great white north and gaming!

Graham  on January 12th, 2009


The Chatty DM  on January 13th, 2009

Simple in design and elegant. I see your touch everywhere here…

Now time for some content!


Tahakki  on March 30th, 2009

What’s the font in the header? On my own blog I had to write the title by hand. Looks suitable noob-ish – my blog is called ‘Adventures of the Noob DM’. 😆

Graham  on March 30th, 2009

The font in the header? Geez, I don’t even remember!

Tahakki  on March 30th, 2009


If I could ask your advice? How do Gravatars work in WordPress?

Link exchange?

Graham  on March 30th, 2009

Gravatars work pretty much automatically on many themes, but require a lot more work on others. There is more about that on the wordpress site, but it depends on how deep into the code you’re willing to go.

I don’t really do link exchanges. My blogroll is just a few sites that I read and like, and I haven’t updated it in a while. There are a lot more sites I read that aren’t in there. (There are also a number of sites I like that I don’t read all that often.) But drop your link here (or in an email) and I’ll check it out. It may end up in there one day.

That said, after you’ve been at it for a while (a few weeks, minimum), feel free to apply to the RPGBloggers network.

Tahakki  on March 30th, 2009

Fair enough. 8) I’ll stick yours and Chatty’s on my Blogroll anyways. Here’s the link. Beware of noobishness and emptiness. 😆

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