Oh my, he’s at it again!

jared-hindman-dnd-delves-banner-1If any of you out there don’t keep track of Jared Hindman yet, I have to wonder why.  You’re missing out on some great content.

Well, it turns out he’s at it again, with Dangerous Delves Doodles – a.ka. Jared’s a Big Dice-rolling Dork (who plays with toys), in which he presents his interpretations of the entire new monster set of D&D Minis.

This time, however, I was beaten to the punch by WotC themselves.  As Jared says in his blog post:

If you check out the official Gallery page of Dungeons and Dragons (Click Here) you might notice something else cool.
Seriously…scroll down to the bottom.

I think it’s fitting that his alternate perspective was listed as Uncommon, don’t you?

I should also note that he’s looking at coming to GenCon this year, and wants to do commissions and requests (including D&D art) to help finance it.

Given the awesomeness of his Artsmash Tequila (and Artsmash Tequila 2), I think he’d be a hell of a participant in our Drunken D&D plans.

In other news, I’m finally graduated from Civil Engineering.  No more exams!  Which means updates may actually be coming soon.

On a related note, does anyone work for an engineering firm and want to hire or recommend me?

I need money so I can commission a banner from Jared Hindman, after all.