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UPS? More like You Pee… Freely… or something…

unexplainableDear UPS,

The next time a package comes to me from UPS that isn’t handed directly to me with no additional charges or trouble, I’m refusing shipment.

You attempt delivery, I ask you to hold it so I can pick it up.  You attempt again, I angrily ask you to hold it, as I plan to pick it up the next day.  I go to pick it up, OH LOOK IT’S OUT ON THE FUCKING TRUCK!

And you have the tenacity audacity to charge me $40 for the privilege.

Your service sucks.

Fuck you,


EDIT: Just to note, this is just the latest time I have been screwed around with by UPS.  I have yet to have a good experience with them.

So… Notice anything new?

changeDamned straight!  I finally got the new site design finished and up!  I listened to the feedback you gave us, too.

The navigation is primarily the same, but you’ll notice some changes.  For instance, the gravatar of the post author is at the top left, beside the date.  Just below is the author name and the number of comments, followed by category links.  This all used to be (inconveniently) at the bottom of the post.  Now you can tell who wrote the post right away.

How does everyone like the new header?

That’s right, a Critical Ankle Bite is a melee basic attack.  Speaking of which, I have yet to relate that story here.  Odd, considering the site is named after the event.  I should also credit Josh/Daelkyr over at EN World with originally creating the 4e icon font used in the header.

I know some of you may be missing is the Wiggum quotes.  But have no fear, for I did not leave you lacking in this area.  Just hover over the title image (or Gah the gully dwarf in the top left) for the random Wiggum quote.

I may replace these with something else, however.  Lately, around the game table, we’ve been keeping a list of “things that have made Nonnie/Alabaster’s player giggle”…

So yeah.  Change: Scary and confusing.  But also awesome.

I hope you agree.

Comments are welcome. :D

Decisions, decisions…

gameknight-1I hope everyone had a good holiday, and is having a good 2009 thus far.

If I may, I’d like to make use of the collective knowledge of the interwebs here and ask you all a couple questions, based on my christmas presents.


One of my gifts I recieved was a Crackberry Bold.  I am looking for a good dice roller program for this tiny addictive handheld.  Anybody know of a good one?


I also recieved some gifts to fund my hobby.  Specifically I got

  • One free D&D book of my choice (thanks Christine).
  • $100 in gift certificates for my FLGS (part of the old layout of which is pictured above, click to go to their website).

So I have some purchasing to do, and I need to decide just what to get.  Most of it will probably be 4e books, though I’m open to other suggestions.

The 4e PHB2 is definitely in that bundle.  Aside from that, though, I’m just not sure.

Manual of the Planes looks nice, but so do Draconomicon and Open Grave.  The Eberron Campaign Setting and Player’s Buide both are on my list of books to get, but they aren’t around until June, and I should be graduated and earning money by then.

Suggestions?  Should I just blow it all on minis?  Has there been any further news of a 4e d20 Modern?

Aside from all that, it’s Christine’s (current DM, other writer, my fiancee) birthday today!  Everybody wish her a happy one!